Podcast repurposing that moves the needle

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Problem: You have digital footprints here there and everywhere but they're scattered.

Solution: Connect your digital footprints (podcast, YouTube channel, Substack, LinkedIn) to each other to find more people for your project. Produce less content and spend more time connecting all of it.

This is what I've been doing to grow my passion projects while simultaneously helping my clients with the same methods. In fact, I've built my entire podcasting career repurposing content on many mediums to reach as many of the right people as possible.

Hi there, I'm Steph Fuccio:
A passionate language educator turned podcaster turned podcast service provider. Over the past 7 years I've helped many independent podcasters refine and promote their podcasts. Specifically, over the past 4 years I've been helping small business owners with podcasts to fully utilize this intimate and impactful medium to attract more of the right clients. Because of their small business podcast, the beginning of their discovery calls have changed from "Do I want to work with you?" to "How can we work together?"

I use the techniques in this session every day to help my clients and my own business grow in a way that feels genuine, not salsey.

#1: Podcast growth + New Clients

In just 5 months, Paul Rosenblum of The (Not Boring) Boring Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Podcast has not only relaunched his podcast but he's received over 1,100 downloads AND a few new clients as well.

#2: Online Magazine Growth PRELAUNCH

Sound Sorceresses Magazine got over 260 subscribers to its'newsletter before the magazine was even launched. This is a very niche magazine about women in the podcast editing space. Even so, we were able to leverage a number of platforms to gain this kind of traction. And yes, there's a podcast component coming soon.

#3: Podcast YouTube channel hockey stick growth in 2 episodes

Maya Middlemiss of The Future Is Freelance podcast needed some help with her podcast YouTube channel. We implemented some of the tips in this course and, well, you can see what happened (on the data to the far right of the below chart.)

Don't let your valuable, heartfelt podcast content just sit there. Repurpose it to reach more of the right clients to grow your small business in the direction you want by working with the people you want to work with.

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Practical tips on how to make your small business podcast content go further to help you find the right clients.


Podcast repurposing that moves the needle

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